A warm plea to our parishioners

For centuries now, since the time of Jesus Christ, the Church has been supported exclusively by the donations of the faithful, who, either from their surplus or out of their want, help its multi-dimensional and multi-level work.

Here in the United Kingdom, like a cradle of spiritual light, the community of Saint Nicholas and Saint Nektarios, Southampton, performs a twofold task. On the one hand, it offers the sanctified grace of God’s mysteries. On the other hand, it spreads the faith, language, and Greek culture to more than sixty children, who, like bees, harvest every Saturday from the flowers of language. Indeed, our teachers are heroines and deserve congratulations for all this effort.

Recently, damage appeared on the roof of the school, resulting in the need for an immediate restoration. We send a warm request to all to help this effort by contributing our love to the bank account below. Also, you could then send us names for prayer for health, and for the salvation of the souls of your loved ones. Our new priest, Father Ioannis, will pray for both at every Divine Liturgy.

May God bless us all to continue to work for our community.

Bank Account Details

Greek Orthodox Community of Southampton St. Nicholas

Account Number: 00080101

Sort Code: 56-00-68