Parish History


The Greek Orthodox Community of St. Nicholas Southampton was founded in August 1964. Before the foundation of the Greek Orthodox community residents used the Anglican church of St. Michael for their religious needs, with priest who sent the Archdiocese of Thyatira and Great Britain. On August 23, 1964 His Eminence Metropolitan of Thyatira and Great Britain Mr. Athenagoras etelese the Anglican church liturgy and developed the need for establishing the Greek Orthodox community to the religious needs of expatriates in the region, and the preservation and transmission of the youth of Greek Orthodox tradition and Greek customs and traditions. Invited masters Antonio Samonas, Michael Channidi, Luke Chatzantoni Myrianthis Papadopoulos and be the first board of the community.

The Anglican church of St. Michael used to April 1965. From May 1965, the community moved to the present Church of St. Nicholas, who was originally called St. James. The Church of St Nicholas was a property of the Diocese of Winchester but after efforts of the late Archbishop Athenagoras and the help of Queen Elizabeth granted legally in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyatira and Great Britain.

The Anglican Church, which was built after the Second World War, slowly turned into Orthodox Church through the efforts of members of the community, by offering donations and personal work. The cathedral was inaugurated Sunday, December 6, 1970 by the late Archbishop of Thyatira Mr. Athenagoras. To 1965 was granted together with the church and the home of the Priest, which was then, in 1971, was purchased by the Community and is the Presvytereio Community.

With the inauguration of Mr. George Sotos as president of the Community in 1988, begins an attempt to market the church and the adjacent hall. In November 1990, after meeting Archbishop Thyatira Mr. Gregory, the church Mr. B contractor. Hatziioannou, the Community Chairman, board and fine expatriates decided to start fundraising for this purpose. It is noteworthy that with the help of God gathered from November 1990 until March 1994 the sum of £ 128,000. On October 26, 1992, the purchase of the church and the hall, which remain the property of the Community Southampton.

On December 6, 1992 was the official feast market the church and the hall, where the Secretary General of the Diocese of Winchester Mr. Graham Phillips officially handed over the keys of the Church in Eminence Archbishop of Thyatira and Great Britain Mr. Gregory.

Then work began on the renovation and expansion of the hall. On December 11, 1994 the inauguration of the hall by His Eminence Archbishop Gregory. In the hall of the church houses the Greek School and take place all spiritual, cultural and community events of the Greek community.

All this with great briefly characterize and represent the past of our community, small in number but great in homogeneous activity and projects, launched in August 1964 and have so far.

Love and respect the holy and loyal of our faith requires continuous our interest, our presence and our care for the Church and our Holy Church. And as far love all brought the desired results, so in the future all should care about the decorum of the House of God with both our presence and with our support. The maintenance of our Church is essential as is the maintenance of any other building and the trim is a token of our love for God and the price Cares holy and loyal faith and our race. For all these reasons, to maintain this blessed and salutary tradition of faith and transmitted across generations, but also to those who do not know the true faith, as the priest of our church I invite everyone to participate in worship and especially the Divine Liturgy Sunday, every Sunday, which is the basic element of expression and living our faith.

Also, at the instigation of President. Nicholas Channidi and Board our communities, and to meet the costs of maintenance of the Church and the renewal – replacement of functional objects such as the temple and seats and general tidying of please your love for financial contributions and assistance at the option and the measure of one’s potential. From hitherto positive experience gave me my presence among you I am convinced that all of you will meet with your frequent presence at Mass and with your financial contribution, which can be done at any time.


With best wishes for health and spiritual progress and world and heartfelt thanks to today beautiful experience of my ministry here, epefchomai the rich blessing of God to all.


Vasileios Mavroudis